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Eureka points offer you the opportunity to take fate into your own hands. And here’s how it works:

Got it!

Eureka points allow you to reroll a messed up check, as long as the initial roll was not a critical fail. Take your calculated basic value of each category Action, Knowledge, and Social and divide it by ten again. These are now your eureka points.

No cheating! You round to the nearest whole number e.g. if you have the basic value 12, you get one eureka point in this category. If you have a basic value of 15, you get 2 eureka points. They are only valid for their corresponding group.

This means you can’t use a point meant for Knowledge for a messed up running test (Physical). When a eureka point is used it is gone for the moment.

So, if you have just a single point in a category, think twice about when to use it.

Eureka points are valid for only one evening or adventure. This means that they don’t regenerate until you finish the adventure. Unused points are not transferable to the next evening or adventure! So if you start a second adventure with the same character, you will begin with full eureka points, no more and no less.

Your eureka points regenerate each new session. Should your adventure take longer than one evening, your eureka points regenerate.

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